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German Made Clock Movements for Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks

There is only one place to get them from, and that's Germany. The German's for many years have made the best in the world.

If your not familiar with the manufacturers names, here are three names you should remember. Hermle, Kieninger, and Urgos. Howard Miller uses Keininger because they bought out the factory. The German Clock company's all use the same 3.

Like Mercedes is for auto's Hermle, Kieninger and Urgos are for clock movements. The Germans really take pride in there work and it shows in the quality of each one they make.

When I make Clocks I use Hermle for most of my needs. They are easy to work on and are inexpensive to replace. The parts are available in all major clock repair shops. I have found that this company has a good selection for clock movements They carry Hermle, Kieninger. They all have a good 2 year warranty and are shipped right away.

Do you have a a treasured keepsake that was passed down from someone you love and does not work anymore?. Trying to find a movement for a clock, that does not have a name on the clock or the movement, can be easy to do. Even clocks and movements that have names on them but are not available anymore can be repaired. Follow these simple steps on how to get the correct clock movements for your clock.  

If you want to learn more about German or Hermle or Mechanical clock movements and see some images of them up close, take a look at these pages.

I will try to teach you a little bit about this and how to pick a good one for your project by looking at the links below.

See tips and how to chose one for your Clock.

Grandfather up close.

Grandmother up close.

Granddaughter up close.

Mantle up close.

Wall up close.

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